Data Science Community Day

Namaste! What an evening! Yesterday I attended Data Science Community Day in Berlin. What was the occasion? Batch 15 of Data Science Retreat presented their portfolio projects. And I have to tell you: It was excellent!

Some of you might ask: What is Data Science Retreat? Consider it being a deep dive into everything data science. There are four batches per year. Each batch is a group of enthusiasts moving their career towards Data Science. They spend three months immersing themselves into all the relevant technology. And they apply, apply, apply. And they create results. One of many results is called a portfolio project. Yesterday we saw many excellent portfolio projects. I had a blast sitting in the audience amongst all the other Data Science enthusiasts. I love Berlin!

Data Science Retreat and AI-Guru.

My role at Data Science retreat is quite simple. I am teacher and mentor. You see, I do a couple of things for a living. Including training, mentoring, and prototyping. I teach groups the art and magic of Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I also help individuals and small teams with their projects. And of course I do projects on my own. Full spectrum Deep Learning. All because I love learning and teaching.

Batch 15 was my third batch this year. I head the pleasure of opening their curriculum with my Deep Learning training. Five days of Deep Learning Deep Dive. Resulting in more than a dozen prototypes in five days. Spanning all relevant domains. On top of that, I could contribute to the creative process of finding a good and worthwhile portfolio project. And finally I mentored a couple of individuals during their three-months‘ stay at Data Science Retreat. This made me super proud yesterday. They all did excellent things. Every single one of them!

Batch 15 did really great work. If I did the counting right, we saw 8 excellent portfolio projects yesterday. You could write a whole book about those Data Science projects. Because I strongly believe that somebody else will definitely do that in their future, let me just write about two projects that I mentored.

Deep Learning, Powerchords and Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Deep Learning is definitely an important technology for everything creative. People who meet me usually learn this in the first minutes of our conversation. It is an open secret that I investigate deeply how Deep Learning can be applied in music. And there are so many low hanging fruits. So many use-cases. It is unbelievable.

Let me be very honest. There are more use-cases that I would love to implement than I actually am able to do. What is the reason? Well… Each day has only 24 hours. Today I am very happy that Krish Daswani, and Stjepan Perkovic did an awesome project. And I am so happy that I could learn from it. Their talk „Predicting effect parameters for musical instruments from audio data“ was excellent! And it made me as their mentor very, very proud!

What was the project about? Nomen est omen! If you are a rising star in the music production sky, you can now use Deep Learning to analyze and learn from the pros. It is possible to create and use an AI that listens to a song and then tells you the exact parameters of the guitar tracks. Great!

A recommender system in the wine business.

Tobias Scholl presented his work. „How hipster is my wine? Using Deep Learning to detect wine label styles“. Wow! What a title! And wow! That was some excellent work, too! And an honor for me that Tobias used my library NGDLM for his approach.

You know, there is a distinct relationship between characteristics of a wine and the labels on the bottle. Tobias‘ idea was to create a classifier in order to allow users to find recommendations of wines that are similar to their favorites. Enter Triplet-Loss! Triplet-Loss is one of those fancy Neural Nets. Fancy in that sense that it is way more than plain feed-forward networks. It is kinda complex. That is why I wrapped it into a library.

It was amazing for me to see that you can use Deep Learning in wine business. And I am a little excited that a recommender system is not the only use-case in that domain. Looking forward for more!

Excellent! Awesome! Conclusion!

They grow up so quickly! I repeat myself: What I find most rewarding in my work is the other people. I meet people, I teach them about Deep Learning, and I accompany them as a mentor. And what happens? They do excellent work! Like the work we saw yesterday. Wow!

Today, as I am sitting here in a nice cafe in Berlin I am looking forward for joining batch 16 tomorrow. Excellent times!

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