• Tristan was great! He was very organized, planned, exercises were very well thought, class was in a way that everyone with different levels of knowledge could learn stuff.

    Anonymous Data Science Retreat

  • Very good masterclass. To repeat what I mentioned above, it really helps to have solid contexts and goals and Tristan provided excellent examples of these. He kept us interested in the development of the class throughout. He also grasped the fundamental conundrum of a 3-day masterclass, which is to pick one overarching format and stick to it: he gave the view of the subject from 10,000m and we „learnt by doing“. So while he didn’t give any middle-to-low level details, I now already feel confident enough to get going with deep learning (through keras) and also feel like I have a enough of a grasp of the high-level details to delve deeper on my own into the mid- and low-level aspects. Great.

    Anonymous Data Science Retreat

  • Tristan’s tutorials were very good because it was easy to follow and he gave a good intuition of deep learning.

    Anonymous Data Science Retreat

  • The good balance between taking the time to dive into the code to understand it and use easy to use libraries so we dont need to understand everything. Many good principals, methods and theories from DeepLearning were very well explained. Loved it!

    Anonymous CODE University

  • Get him again for the same Workshop for next year or maybe for another topic.

    Anonymous CODE University

  • Cool guy if he can come again and continue that would be awsome!

    Anonymous CODE University

Deep Learning with Keras is a multi-day hands-on introduction to understanding and training Deep Neural Networks. Deep Learning is a part of Machine Learning and is applicable to all types of data. This contains but is not limited to images, texts, sounds and statistical data.

We live in the age of Artificial Intelligence Democratization. Today, everyone can do Deep Learning. Everyone has access to data, algorithms, tools and frameworks. All you need is a knowledge kickstart. And my course is the perfect way to do that!

I provide a highly interactive training in which you will learn about Keras – a high level Neural Networks API written in Python. I will teach you all you need to know in fruitful discussions. And you will be programming on your own computers under my guidance. This way we make sure that we engage both your brain and your muscle memory.

Topics of the course are:

  • What is Deep Learning? What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Are they all the same?
  • Python for Deep Learning. We will have a look at Jupyter notebooks, relevant modules, and how to go production ready with your Neural networks.
  • Why Deep Learning now? How come that you can finish training your first Neural Network after about one hour of work?
  • Deep Learning for classifications and predictions. Learn how to classify data such as texts, and images. And learn how to extrapolate new data from experiences.
  • Deep Learning for Image Processing. Why are Neural Networks so powerful in the image processing domain. How is it possible that Neural Networks are dominating the field?
  • Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing. Learn how natural language data can be encoded in a way that can be processed by Neural Networks. And see that there are many ways of encoding texts.
  • Deep Learning for Sound Processing. Neural Networks can process any sound data easily. Learn about features and feature extraction.
  • Deep Learning and Big Data. Big Data is one major field for Deep Learning. See what can be done with a lot of data.
  • Deep Learning and Digitalization. Hear why Neural Networks accelerate Digitalization.
  • General use-cases for Deep Learning. Learn what are the use cases for deep learning and realize, there is a lots of them.

You can book be for one, two, or three days. My promise is, that we will make the most of the time available.

Contact me via tristan(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)ai-guru.de for an non-binding offer.

Recently I did a variant of that training exclusively for Data Science Retreat. Read my blog-article about that great experience.

➥ Contact me if you are interested and for a non-binding offer.