Deep Reinforcement Learning

Deep Reinforcement Learning is the next big thing in Artificial Intelligence. It is all about enabling a Deep-Learning-based intelligent agent to learn to solve a given problem. All by allowing it to find the best strategies on its own.

Two days of hands-on training containing:

  • Understand the theory behind Deep Reinforcement Learning. What are the building blocks and how do they work and interact?
  • Learn how a neural Network beat multiple world champions in the game of Go just recently.
  • Understand that reward-modelling is the most crucial aspect of Deep Reinforcement Learning.
  • Examine the big differences between Deep Learning and Deep Reinforcement learning. Expand you understanding towards the notion that goal-driven training is the next great leap after data-driven training.
  • Get to know different kinds of Deep Reinforcement Learning agents. What is available and what is the current state of the art in this quickly growing field?
  • Experiment with OpenAI Gym and train your own Deep Reinforcement Learning agents.
  • Investigate the mass of use-cases that are available. Deep Reinforcement Learning is definitely not limited to games. Amongst other things, you could even apply it to cooling controllers in data centers.

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