Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is the second field in which Deep Learning is dominating. We regularly hear about more and more approaches with higher and higher accuracies in processing language data.

Two days of hands-on training containing:

  • Learn about the main Deep Learning Building blocks for Natural Language processing.
  • Learn about the essential Neural Network layers that are most useful for Natural Language Processing.
  • Examine different encodings and embeddings for language data.
  • Do math-magic with words and sentences. We map texts to numbers that carry the semantics and make good use of this.
  • Learn about special Neural Network layers that are excellent when it comes to sequential data such as texts.
  • Establish a data pipeline for your texts. Starting with raw texts, analysing it and arriving at preprocessed data that is ready for Deep Neural Network Training.
  • Research different means for transfer learning in Natural Language Processing. How to stand on the shoulders of text-processing giants and use their groundbreaking results.

➥ Contact me if you are interested and for a non-binding offer.