Deep Learning for Image Processing

Today Deep Learning is dominating all Image Processing use-cases. On top of that, you will find many low-hanging fruits in that area. Prototyping is very easy.

Two days of hands-on training containing:

  • Understand why the field of Image Processing is now dominated by Deep Neural Networks.
  • Investigate the ImageNet-moment of AI history. We will find out why out of the sudden Deep Neural Networks became the singular game-changer in feature extraction and image classification.
  • Learn about Neural Network layers that are specialised to Images Processing. Apply CNNs to learn a visual hierarchy.
  • Implement image-data-generators. We will establish data-processing pipelines that bridge the grap between your raw data and Neural Network training.
  • Explore Transfer Learning. What is this powerful technique that allows you to use a pre-trained Deep Neural Network and fit it to your use-cases?
  • Examine the wide range of use-cases in the image-processing domain.

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