In a world that’s moving faster each day, all the talk is about digitalisation. Experts in the fields of Data Science and Machine Learning are shaping the face of the new industrial revolution.

However, people looking to learn about these new technologies face two major challenges:

  • How to get started in Data Science and Machine Learning?
  • How to stay up to date at this rapid rate of change?

Why do I offer AI Guru Mentoring? Very simple. My experience is there for everyone. I put people on their Data-Science/Deep-Learning path and accompany them on.

I have a wealth of well-founded knowledge and would like to pass it on in a clear and understandable manner.

My blog articles provide insights on a wide range of topics including: Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Data Science, Image Processing, Predictions and more.

What is AI-Guru-Mentoring? Simple. I take people into the mentoring program and train them one-on-one. This is the best way for me to respond to each individual and maximise learning success.

AI-Guru-Mentoring takes a modern approach as it can be booked by the hour and takes place via Skype. This way it’s efficient and can take place nationwide/globally.

Mentoring sessions for private (B2C) or company (B2B) people.

You can book me as your mentor anytime. I will help you or your company and support you on your path.

Mentoring will happen on an hourly basis. Request a session when you need one. Request more sessions if you need more. You are in charge.

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Mentoring for those with budget limitations

I would love to help those who lack resources. I am honest: I have to work for a living. Every day I have to deny requests from people that I would love to mentor, but who lack resources. It saddens me every time I have to turn down someone. Why not make this work with Patreon?

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If you want to get a free Patron mentoring session, you have to send a request. First-come-first-serve.
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