• Tristan was great! He was very organized, planned, exercises were very well thought, class was in a way that everyone with different levels of knowledge could learn stuff.

    Anonymous Data Science Retreat

  • Very good masterclass. To repeat what I mentioned above, it really helps to have solid contexts and goals and Tristan provided excellent examples of these. He kept us interested in the development of the class throughout. He also grasped the fundamental conundrum of a 3-day masterclass, which is to pick one overarching format and stick to it: he gave the view of the subject from 10,000m and we „learnt by doing“. So while he didn’t give any middle-to-low level details, I now already feel confident enough to get going with deep learning (through keras) and also feel like I have a enough of a grasp of the high-level details to delve deeper on my own into the mid- and low-level aspects. Great.

    Anonymous Data Science Retreat

  • Tristan’s tutorials were very good because it was easy to follow and he gave a good intuition of deep learning.

    Anonymous Data Science Retreat

  • The good balance between taking the time to dive into the code to understand it and use easy to use libraries so we dont need to understand everything. Many good principals, methods and theories from DeepLearning were very well explained. Loved it!

    Anonymous CODE University

  • Get him again for the same Workshop for next year or maybe for another topic.

    Anonymous CODE University

  • Cool guy if he can come again and continue that would be awsome!

    Anonymous CODE University

About the courses

Deep Learning is a discipline that is already changing how we approach and apply Artificial Intelligence globally. Learn about it now and ensure your future success.

My courses are hands-on introductions to training and understanding Deep Neural Networks and their different fields of application. As you will learn, Deep Learning is a subfield of Machine Learning and applicable to all types of data. This contains but is not limited to images, texts, sounds, and statistical data.

We live in the age of Artificial Intelligence Democratization. Today, everyone can do Deep Learning. Everyone has access to data, algorithms, tools, frameworks, and machinery. All you need is a knowledge kickstart. And my classes are the perfect way to do that!

I provide highly interactive classes in which your team will learn to do Deep Learning with Python, TensorFlow, and Keras. I will teach all you need to know in fruitful discussions. And your team members will be programming on their own computers under my guidance. This way we make sure that we engage both brain and muscle memory.

My classes were very successful in the past. They enabled a lot of talented individuals to do Deep Learning. What about you, your team and your company? Do you want to learn and apply Deep Learning?

If you are part of a company with an office in Europe, especially in Germany, you can invite me to train your team. ➥ Contact me if you are interested and for a non-binding offer.

Languages: English, German.

Trainings only take place in Europe.

Available Courses.

I offer multiple courses that each focus on a different direction of Deep Learning. Is your area of interest not covered? Please drop me a line and I will see what I can do.

Introduction to Deep Learning

This training is the entry-point to Deep Learning. I will introduce you to the field and provide you with working knowledge that allows you to apply Deep Learning to your use-cases.

Deep Learning for Image Processing

Today Deep Learning is dominating all Image Processing use-cases. On top of that, you will find many low-hanging fruits in that area. Prototyping is very easy.

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is the second field in which Deep Learning is dominating. We regularly hear about more and more approaches with higher and higher accuracies in processing language data.

Deep Learning for Time Series Analysis

Time Series Analysis is all about learning from past data and predicting the future. Deep Learning is perfect for finding and exploiting pattern in your data that you might not be aware of.

Representation Learning and Unsupervised Learning with Deep Neural Networks

Although Deep Learning is known to be very successful in Supervised Learning it is also perfectly applicable to Unsupervised Learning. You can do a lot of great things with unlabelled data and Deep Neural Networks.

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Deep Reinforcement Learning is the next big thing in Artificial Intelligence. It is all about enabling a Deep-Learning-based intelligent agent to learn to solve a given problem. All by allowing it to find the best strategies on its own.